Rheumorid Tablet


Pain relief tablet

For backache & rheumatic pain.
For reducing pain & swelling of body & joints.
For treating sciatica, gout neuralgia & ligments pain


90 Tablets

Direction for use
2 tablets 3 time a day on empty stomach or as directed by physician.


Each Coated Tablet 500mg Contains
Suranjaan Sheereen       18mg
Bidhaara                           54mg
Darfilfil  (Peepal)            33mg
Muqil Azraq                     15mg
Chob Chini                       33mg
Oodh Saleeb                    45mg
Peepla Mool                     30mg
Aasgandh Nagori            45mg
Bozidaan                          48mg
Ajwain Desi                     90mg
Berg-e-Sana                     48mg
Moosli Siyah                    60mg
Tablet Base                       q.s


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