for Leucorrhoea & backache

A proprietory Unani Mediciene

Leucoseen is highly effective for leucorrhoea, Anaemia, loss of appetite & all other conditions of illness health in female.
Leucoseen also purifies the blood stream & forms new blood cells for glowing skin & beauty.

Dosage :
2-3 teaspoonful thrice a day or as directed by your physician.


Each 100 ml of aqueous extract of in GMS
Amla Khusk 1.650
Anjbar 1.056
Asghand 0.924
Beikh Kasni 1.650
Dhamaya 1.188
Gilo Lakdi 1.023
Gulab Phul 1.000
Gule dhawa 1.060
Heel Khurd 0.250
Kakra Seenghi 0.300
Lodh Pathani 0.792
Shahtra 1.056
Tejpath 1.000
Kushta Jast 0.375
Sugar Syrup Base q.s.
Preservatives q.s.


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