Skin Ointment

Unani Medicine

Useful for dark stain, skin ulcer, pimples, tineas, cracks,
Warts, callosities, Acne, Pigmentation, Callosities, Intertrigo, Burn marks & all dermal infection.


• For external use only.
• Keep away from children.
• Store in a cool & dry place, do not freeze.

Normoderm Ointment and cream is mildly perfumed and is made of purely indigenous ingredients, is beneficial in ten different conditions as follows: besides being particularly useful in psoriasis.
1. It is useful in traumatic wounds of all kinds, acute and chronic.
2. It is useful in burns and scalds and soothes burning.
3. It helps to heal fissures, in palmoplantar skin.
4. It cleans away acne (Pimples) blemishes, dark stains, pigmentation from facial skin and other parts.
5. Prolong usage of Normoderm clean away heamoridal warts.
6. It removes warts and pappilli, callositis and hardened skin from palm and sole.
7. It cures athelst’s foot and other myotic conditions of skin and web.
8. It is particularly useful in tinea versicular & also useful in ingrowing Nails.
9. It peels off hardened skin to bring normal skin in varied condition like callosities and psoriasis.
10. It is also useful in all kind of boils, folliculitis.

Method of application
1. Normoderm Ointment should be applied on wounds and skin ulcer covered with a swan, soaked in the ointment.
2. Fissures, callosities should be well cleaned and then the ointment should liberally applied.
3. For blemishes, and pimples, the affected area should be well washed and then the ointment gently rubbed twice daily.
4. Apply a thick film of the ointment on psoriasis, corns, warts and callosities twice daily. It may be advantageous to cover the applied area if the ointment is wiped away by clothes or any other means.
5. Ointment should be gently, rubbed on eczema and on skin irriation, itching, heamoridal wats and leave a thin film.

• Regular use of the ointment will exhibit benefits in skin ulcer, warts as well as heamoridal warts wounds and other conditions mentioned above in due course.

Red oxide of lead & mercury Usranj (Sindur) 2%
Massicot litharg Murdar Sang 1%
Bees wax Mom khalis 4%
Lawsonia Hinna 4%
Rosa damascene Ruhulward (Gulab) 1%
Mallotus phillipi Quinbeel (Kapila) 3%
Cinnamomum Camphora Kafoor Khalis (Kapoor) 4%
Zinc oxide Isfeedaj (Safeda kashgari) 4%
Copper Sulphate Tootya sabz (Tutya) 0.6%
Ointment base q.s


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