100 ML

Herbal Hair Oil

A Unani Preparation

Seenaglow is a pure Unani preparation from 20 selected herbs including. It has been prepared by an authentic Hakeem having over 45 years of experience in the field of Unani medicines. Prepared from 100% natural herbs, Seenaglow doesn’t have any side effects, Men, Women, and Children of all ages can use Seenaglow Hair Oil.

*Anti-dandruff action and prevents itching.
*Deep skin penetration & soothing effect for the scalp.
*Headache & Sleeplessness & regular use prevent premature greying.
*Enhance smoothness and shine and stop hair loss and helps it to grown.
*Thick, long and healthy. Its natural nutrients soothe away tension and give *Fast relief from headache and insomnia.

Instruction for use

• Gently massage on scalp through by finger tips.
• Use Seenaglow Hair Oil at bed time.
• Use Seenaglow as per quality sufficient.
• To get good result in Headache, Insomnia, Massage gently at least 15 minutes daily.

Each 10 ML of oil contains extract from the following Dohhanus sim-sim (Til Oil q..)

Aamlaj (Aamla Munaqqa) 0.16 %
Afiss (Mazu) 0.073 %
Baleelaj (Baherah) 0.11 %
Barg Kunnar (Beri ke patte) 0.073 %
Bhangrah (Bhangrah) 0.045 %
Ehiailaj asfar (Halaila Zard) 0.045 %
Ehiailaj aswad (Halaila) Siyah 0.045 %
Ehiailaj Kabuli (Halaila Kabuli) 0.045 %
Fofal (Supari) 0.045 %
Julnaar (Gulnar) 0.03 %
Khas 0.03 %
Parsianoshan (Hansraj) 0.03 %
Sandal Surkh (Sandal wood) 0.03 %
Shaibatul ajooz (Ushnah) 0.03 %
Shikakai 0.11 %
Sod Kufi (Mootha) 0.03 %
Sumbulut – teeb (Baalchar) 0.03 %
Waraqul Hina (Mehndi ke patte) 0.03 %
Waraqul Kahu (Kahu ke patte) 0.54 %
Ward- Ahmar (Gulle Surkh) 0.073 %
Zarambad (Kachoor) 0.03 %
Dohhne sim-sim (Til Oil) 8.366mg q.s


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