SeenaGro Tablet


30 Tablets

For healthy & strong hair. It has antibacterial antiseptic & antimicrobial action. It improves immune system & blood circulation. Prevent Premature hair fall.


A Combined therapy of SeenaGro Hair Oil with SeenaGro tablet gives excellent result in hair loss.
For better result continue the treatment for 3 months.

Each tablet 500 mg. Contains powder:
Kasaundi 120 Mg
Aamla 30 Mg
Barhami Booti 16 Mg
Ushba Maghribi 10 Mg
Bahera 30 Mg
Barg –e- Hina 16 Mg
Tukhme Kadu 30 Mg
Sod Koofi 20 Mg
Shoneez 40 Mg
Mazu Sabz 16 Mg
Gule Surkh 100mg
Kashneez 16 Mg
Ustokuddoos 10 mg
Tablet Base


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