For Liver Disorder

A Proprietory Unani Medicine

SeenaLiv is a natural formula that helps to improve function of Liver.
SeenaLive protects the liver against the hepatotoxins, Jaundice.
Promotes appetite & growth.
SeenLiv is useful for fatty Liver, Alcoholic Liver, Anaemia & Viral Hepatitis.

Adult: 3 teaspoonful thrice a day.
Children: 1 teaspoonful thrice a day on empty stomach or as directed by physician.



Each 100 ML of Aqueous extract of in gm.
Afsanteen 1.5
Asaarun (Tager) 0.750
Taj Salekha 0.600
Revand Chini 1.056
Sumbuluttib 0.750
Tukhm Karafs 0.750
Biskhapra 1.056
Gaozaban 1.250
Gule Surkh 1.250

Filfil Siyah 0.300
Makay 1.120
Beikh Kasni 1.500
Tukhme Kharapaza 1.500
Bramdandi 1.000
Naushader 1.000
Sugar Base q.s
Preservatives q.s


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